10 Gift Ideas For Guys That Wont Be Returned

With the festive season approaching it is time to buy gifts for the man in your life once again, whether they be your boyfriend, husband, son, father, brother, or Great Uncle Brutus that you only see once a year.

Despite the stores being stacked from floor to ceiling with gift ideas, separating the things you would actually want to give to a male relative from the various pieces of dross on offer can be difficult.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 things to buy for men this year, to take the stress out of your shopping experience.

1. Gift Sets

We’ve thrown all gift sets into one here rather than list them all separately. Try and go for something with a fragrance or an alcoholic drink in it, though, no-one wants a can of deodorant and a shower gel!

2. Experience Days

These have grown in popularity in recent years, whether it is a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, or driving a racing car around the local motor circuit, there is something for every man’s tastes.

3. Magazine Subscriptions

How many men read magazines but won’t subscribe due to the one off cost? Save them the hassle and buy it as a gift instead!

4. Slippers

Definitely one for your Great Uncle Brutus – slippers, and for that matter socks or a dressing gown, are great ideas as token gifts for relatives you rarely see.

5. Accessories

If you are looking to spoil the man in your life, then why not indulge him with a luxury accessory as a present? This may be a great pair of sunglasses or an expensive watch, or perhaps a piece of jewellery.

6. Boys Toys

Men are never too old for things such as remote controlled cars, and always prove to be a quirky and fun gift idea.

7. Audio & Visual

Buy him his favourite CD for his journey to work, or the newest X-Box game to play when he gets home and wants to put his feet up. Audio visual gifts are always well appreciated – consider iTunes vouchers if your man has moved on from CD’s.

8. Stylish Clothing

Whether his wardrobe needs a revamp or there are certain styles that you know he looks great in, stylish clothing is always appreciated and is great as a gift buy.

9. Gadgets

If you shunned the boys toys idea then why not buy him a great tech gadget instead – perhaps the new phone he wants or an iPad, for example?

10. A Holiday

If you have a big budget and don’t know what to buy, why not take your man along to the travel agents a few days before Christmas and whisk him off to somewhere much warmer and sunnier? You could do a lot worse!