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5 Business Items To Purchase For A Fresh Start At Your New Job

When it comes time to head out to your first day on a new job, things can feel a little nerve wracking. Even if you’ve been in this industry for years or know exactly how to perform well in your new position, starting a new job is always daunting. It’s even worse if you feel like you are simply picking up your old life and moving it directly into a new job, with no change whatsoever.

If you want to feel refreshed and ready to start a new chapter of your career, sometimes it really helps to make a few purchases to feel more prepared and professional. Here are just a few items that are great to consider purchasing when you want a fresh start for your new job:

1. A smartphone

If you don’t already have a smartphone, it might be time to jump on the bandwagon. Even though you can do business without one, and you definitely shouldn’t buy one if it will be an unnecessary expense, smartphones can do wonders when it comes to professional organization, contacts, scheduling, sending and receiving images, and quick access to the internet from any location. It’s much easier to be in the right place at the right time with instant GPS on your phone.

2. A lunch cooler

When you think about bringing your lunch to work, you probably picture Ziplocks and empty grocery bags. It’s time to get it together as far is lunch is concerned. Not only will you look more professional, but your food will stay protected from the elements and you will be able to pack more efficiently.

3. A high-quality work bag

No matter what you wear from one day to the next, the one thing that stays consistent is your work bag. Go for one in a nice-quality leather or with a very sturdy textile. There are plenty of options, depending on your needs, such as briefcases, shoulder bags, computer bags, and portfolio cases. Choose something that you absolutely love and that stands out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to splurge on this. You will use it every day.

4. A new jacket

While you can’t buy an entire new wardrobe when you get a new position, adding one new key piece to your essentials is a great way to feel like you’re getting a completely new start. A great tailored jacket has so many different uses. Pair one with suit pants or skirts for an instant professional look. Or pair one with jeans to go more business casual. Make sure to look for one in a color and fabric that you don’t already have.

5. A professional haircut

A hair cut is often the furthest thing from our minds when we start a new job, or at least getting a new style of haircut. But, one of the first things people see when they look at us is our hair, and figuring out your own personal style is the key to looking professional and interesting. Instead of going out to your regular stylist or cutting corners with your haircut, try splurging here. A great professional will be able to figure out how your hair grows and which style will be best for your face. You never know how impactful a great hair style can be until you have one.