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What Are The Combinations To Wear With Bucket Hat?

It’s a bucket hat, and it doesn’t matter what kind of weather you have. If you’re going for a more casual look or an edgier one, the bucket hat can be your best friend.

A bucket hat is a classic, versatile piece that works with almost any outfit. When you want to go from day to night you don’t have to change what you are wearing. You can add your favorite accessories to make this hat work for you. A bucket hat is also great if you are looking to mix prints on top of prints. It will give you a modern twist on a classic look.

Here are some ways to wear the bucket hat:

  1. The Bucket Hat With Classic Clothes

This is known as one of the best combination which will suit to everybody’s type and their personality that is to wear chapeau bob with your classic clothes. This will give you a classic look of 90’s heroes and make you look more attractive and efficient to everyone. The more you’ll wear classic clothes the more charming you will look in front of the public.

The bucket hat doesn’t have to be worn in the summer – it has been seen both in fall and spring. As long as it is not too hot or cold outside, go ahead and throw it on.

If you are choosing a more casual look, pair it with jeans and sneakers. Or if you are going for something more dressed up, try pairing it with a nice skirt or dress. In either case, you should keep your hair pulled back and away from your face so it won’t get caught in the brim. For a more casual look, you could accessorize by adding a simple necklace. If you want to amp up your accessories, you could add a trendy purse or a statement bag.

For these outfits, we recommend choosing a color other than white. White tends to wash out colors around it. So when you pick out items like the shoes, the belt, the bag, and the necklace, choose colors that stand out. It may seem like overkill at first but once you start putting together your outfit, you’ll find yourself wanting to keep everything coordinated.

  1. The Bucket Hat With Edgy Clothing

In addition to being able to wear it during the warmer months, the bucket hat also offers versatility in the colder months. One way to wear it in the winter is again to pair it with jeans and boots; however, you can also switch things up by adding a scarf and a jacket over a sweater. A bucket hat can also be worn with a coat or a blazer to stay warm.

Another thing to consider is the fabric of the clothing. If you feel like sticking to a neutral palette, stick with dark denim, black pants, brown or burgundy jackets, and darker colors on tops. If you feel like stepping away from the typical colors, you could go with bright red, neon pink, or bolder shades of purple or blue. Remember to choose accessories that match, too!

  1. The Bucket Hat With Statement Accessories

With all of the options we just listed, it’s no wonder why the bucket hat is such a popular accessory. When you start thinking about how many different ways you can combine it with other pieces of clothing, accessories, and makeup, you end up with a whole new wardrobe.

You can wear the bucket hat with jeans and sneakers for a casual look. You could also wear it with a skirt or dress for a fancier look. There are endless possibilities when it comes to combining the bucket hat with other pieces of fashion. But once you start picking out accessories, you might realize that you already own enough pieces to create a whole outfit.

If you are unsure where to begin, here is a quick checklist that shows you which accessories you need before you can step into a bucket hat store.

  One pair of sunglasses (at least)

  One jewelry box (for necklaces, earrings, bracelets)

  One leather pouch or satchel

  Two belts

  Four pairs of heels

  Three pairs of pants

  Eighteen shirts

  Three coats and sweaters

  Ten handbags

  Four scarves

  Three ties

When you think about it, there are only two things you need to buy in order to put together an entire outfit. And since bucket hats come in every size, shape, and color, they are a good investment because you can always swap them out.

Not sure what to do? Head to the nearest bucket hat store and take a look at their assortment. Then, decide which styles fit your lifestyle or what colors work best for you. Once you know what to buy, you can easily match it with clothes throughout the year.

What are your thoughts on the bucket hat? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Select the Right Trench Coat?

The trench coat, or trench coat, is a woollen coat with a length of cloth draped over the shoulders to cover the front and back of the torso. It has historically been used as an item of Coat by military personnel in the lie of regular uniforms in wet weather conditions or under combat when it was not practical to wear heavy uniforms. The trench coat can also be unbuttoned and belted around the waist or strapped with makeshift belts at each shoulder for support when climbing onto horseback. It reportedly originated in England, commonly referred to as a greatcoat, and is still called that today.

Nowadays, the trench coat is often used for fashion purposes only. Most women prefer buying the latest long coats for ladies, especially the trench ones, because they are long and fashionable. It can be worn as rainwear or protection from wind. It also provides warmth in cold weather and camouflage when hunting game or surveying enemy lines. The type of trench coat you buy depends on the function you want. If you use it mostly for fashion purposes, choosing a stylish trench coat would be more appropriate. Here, some major aspects mentioned that you must consider while buying a trench coat.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Trench Coat

The best selection of trench coats depends on what you need them for. The trench coat must be waterproof and water-resistant, offering protection from the elements. The trench coat is made to be worn with a blouse or sweater underneath, so choose a fitted coat and provide room for additional clothing. The trench coat should be long enough to cover your hips and upper thighs, but not so long that it becomes a windbreaker or ends up tripping you up.

  • Functions of Trench Coat

Whether you are using the trench coat for a specific purpose or just a fashion item, there are some crucial features that you should consider. Waterproofing is one of the important features of the trench coat, and therefore choosing a coat with a waterproofing feature is best to protect from rain, snow or other water. The trench coats are available in fabrics like wool, padded cotton fleece, luxurious satin lining, etc., so the decision depends on your budget and the look you desire to get.

  • Variety of Trench Coats

The trench coats are available in different colours and patterns, which means you can select the one that suits your style. The trench coats are available in various colours like black, white, brown, red, etc. and fabrics like cotton, wool, or others, so you must choose the best based on your need and budget.

  • Finishing of Trench Coat

The finishing work of a trench coat is also an important factor that you should consider while purchasing a trench coat. The finishing work of a trench coat refers to the look, texture and feel that you want in your trench coat. The texture of the coat reflects your personality and fashion statement; therefore, it is better to choose one that fits your style. If you are planning for a casual look, you should select a finishing like shiny, smooth finish, for instance.

  • Style and Design

The trench coats are available in multiple styles and designs. You can choose one design per your wish or look at a fashion show to see what seems to be the most popular design of the season. You can get a trendy trench coat with a modern design that will keep you warm and dry while looking fashionable, too. Choose one that will make you feel your best.

Once you understand all the major factors, it will be easy for you to choose the best trench coat according to your preferences.

Great Designer Sunglasses Without The Designer Price

Finding a great pair of sunglasses that also look good on you is sometimes a tough task, especially if you’re looking for a designer name. The price tags associated with the top brand names will usually run you a couple hundred dollars (you’ll be looking at even more if you need prescription lenses). However there is an alternative out there for shoppers looking for brand name, great looking sunglasses, without the designer price.

Brick and mortar stores, especially brand named ones, are usually the most popular place to buy designer sunglasses. They typically offer a wide variety of sunglasses, however their prices are rather expensive for the designer brands. Most large brands (such Ray-Ban, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada) can cost you anywhere from $200 or more for a pair. Alternatively, with a little research online, you can quickly find many online sunglasses retailers that will offer the same pair of sunglasses at a much lower price.

The benefits of shopping online are not limited to simply saving money. Online retailers typically offer a much greater selection of glasses, and in some cases online retailers carry over 100 different styles of the same brand of sunglasses. Because the amount of selection is much greater there are usually some older styles available. If you’re okay with wearing a design from a previous summer, the savings can be even greater.

As an added bonus, many online retailers also include sunglass accessories with every purchase, such as lens cleaning kits, sunglasses cases, and other accessories. It’s a nice added bonus that adds even more value to a purchase that is saving you hundreds of dollars.

One of the biggest concerns customers may have when purchasing online is the return policy. Many online retailers offer guaranteed returns if you are not happy with your sunglasses. However the length of time you can return the glasses does vary so it is important to read each individual retailer’s return policy before you decide to make a purchase.

Another potential worry shoppers have is the fit of the sunglasses. You may really like the pair you purchased but the glasses don’t quite sit or feel right on your face. Usually there is a very simple solution to this problem and that is the glasses need an adjustment. Many retailers, particularly locally owned businesses, will make this quick and easy fix for you free of charge. If you can’t find a local store or optometrist capable of doing the adjustment then try a larger retailer. They too may make the adjustment for free but in some cases they might charge a small fee. Additionally online retailers sometimes include adjustment kits with your purchase (as mentioned with the bonuses) so that you can complete any adjustments needed at home.

So the next time you’re in the market for a new pair of designer sunglasses and are looking to save some money, do a little bit of research online first. Many online retailers not only offer the same great sunglasses with many of the same guarantees, but they do so at discounted prices.

10 Amazing Fathers Day Gifts That Will Leave Dad Drooling

You could always count on Dad to be there for you when you needed someone to bait your hook, squish a spider, or put air in your tires. And this year on June 17th, we take a time out to thank him for everything he’s done. Give Dad a pat on the back with our list of 10 unique gift picks. Whether he’s a geek, gadget lover or sports guru, there’s a gift idea for whichever kind of Dad you have on your Father’s Day shopping list.

On-Ice Mixed Drink and Beer Dispenser


If your Dad has ever wanted ice cold beer on tap (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) this gift is sure to be his cup of tea. Say goodbye to sweaty beer cans and watered down drinks, this drink dispenser keeps liquids ice cold with its unique interior chilling chamber. It’s capable of holding up to 80oz of his favorite beverage.

DC Comics The Number Ones Portfolio Set


Although Dad may be your number one superhero, you won’t find him in this limited-edition comic collection. The ultimate gift if he’s a comic book geek, this portfolio contains the cover art from all of the #1 issues from DC Comics.

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The Deep Frying Portable Grill


Whether Dad is master of the grill or just has a really good appetite, he’s going to love this. This grill can not only cook up to 8 burgers at a time, but it also includes a griddle, a deep fryer, a warming plate, and a cutting board. Plus, it’s portable, making it perfect for tailgating, too.

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Griffin SmartTalk Solar


Dad has never needed to stop and ask for directions, so why start now? With the SmartTalk Solar, Dad can continue to navigate the open roads without skipping a beat thanks to this solar-charged speakerphone, which is compatible with most mobile phones. And should he ever need to call and ask for directions or use his phone’s built-in GPS system (not that he would), he can do so without taking his hands off the wheel.



Fact: Men love meat. Whether Dad prefers it sweet, spicy, or smoky, at he can have it any way he wants. With their “Build-a-Jerky”, he can choose any meat, marinade, rub, or glaze he wants from their list to create his very own personalized jerky.

Darth Vader Galaxy’s #1 Father Figure


If you only had a nickel for every time Dad did his Darth Vader “I am your father” impression. While this gift may very well egg him on, he still deserves to know you think he’s the best. At the very least, it may help stave off his “Pull my finger” prank.

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ESPN Films 30 for 30: Collector’s Edition


If Dad has a love for the game, gifting him this Blu-ray DVD set would be a slam dunk. This 6- disc documentary set is a poignant presentation of historical events surrounding the players, teams, owners, and more from the world of sports. Also available on DVD.

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Personalized M&M Candy Dispenser


Want to tell Dad he’s the sweetest? Treat him to this candy dispenser from M&M’s. Measuring 9″ high, the machine can be filled with the three included 7oz bags of personalized M&M’s. The chocolate can be customized with your choice of color combinations, images, clip-art, or with a special message. It’ll melt his heart!

Bosch Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio


If your father is a Mr. Fix-It, chances are he already has most of the tools he needs. So what to get the DIY Dad? How about this premium job-site stereo from Bosch? Not only can he tune into AM/FM radio, but it can also connect to SIRIUS satellite radio, MP3 players, and CD players. 4-way speakers, a weather-resistant design, and a built-tough exterior roll cage makes it perfect to take in the garage, on the job-site, or anywhere else Dad’s rolling up his sleeves.

Bespoke Box of Awesome Gift


Leave the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for Pops and instead purchase him a membership to BeSpoke Post’s “Box of Awesome.” Each month, they put together a themed box filled with some amazing hand-picked products suitable for the gentlemen in your life, like cured meats, cocktail accessories, and fancy shmancy shaving products. You can choose from a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month membership, and free shipping is included!

10 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Kids Awesome Teachers

Teachers work hard all year, and with the final semester coming to an end, now’s a great time to show them how much you appreciate everything they’ve done. We did our homework and came up with a list of 10 A+ gift ideas that’ll instantly make you teacher’s pet. Our list is priced between $5-$20, so your wallet will love them almost as much as your teacher will.

Best Teacher Magic Plant


For everything they’ve taught your little sprout this year, say thanks with this “magic” plant. Teacher just needs to add a little water to the can and within a few days, a plant will appear with a special message.

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Chalkboard Teacher Personalized Key Ring


Show teacher they’ve been key in your student’s education with this exclusive chalkboard key ring, which can be personalized with their name.

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Pen Violet Essence and Ink Set


This old-fashioned writing set includes a wood and brass pen, ink, and a bottle of fragrance that can be used to write violet-scented messages. A great gift idea for a reading/writing teacher!

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Vera Bradley Island Blooms Mug


This brightly colored porcelain mug from Vera Bradley includes a matching coaster that doubles as a lid. The set is not only dishwasher safe, but microwave safe, too, for quick and easy heat-up in the teacher’s lounge.

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Rubber Duckie Tea Infuser


If your teacher is a tea drinker, she’ll love this. This adorable rubber duck tea infuser includes a small mesh basket attachment that can be filled with her favorite loose tea and brewed right at her desk.

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Lilly Pulitzer Notecube with Pen


Teacher can send a note home in style with this Lilly Pulitzer Notecube set. Available in 3 fun prints, the set includes 600 paper notes, holder and matching pen.

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Stress Relief Aromatherapy Bath Soak


After a long year of chasing students and grading papers, your teacher will want to call on this aromatherapy bath soak. Made from essential oils, it will relieve stress and provide relaxation with a wonderful vanilla and verbena scent.

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Rubik’s Cube Pencil Holder


There’s no cooler way to help keep their desk organized. This Rubik’s Cube holder can store all of their pens and pencils, while the magnetic sides can be used to keep paper clips within reach.

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Jonathan Adler Booked Bag Canvas Tote


If your teacher loves to read, this tote is tops. The cover of this cotton canvas bag features lines from famous books and can be used to carry their essentials with them back and forth to class.

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Big Thank You Caramel Apple with Candies


Everyone brings an apple in for the teacher, but here’s one that’ll really knock their socks off. Edge in on that “A” with this candy and caramel covered apple, which comes topped with rainbow ribbon and a thoughtful note card.

Fashion On A Dime 6 Tips For Shopping At Thrift Stores

Did you know that the resale industry in the United States makes about $13 billion a year? Goodwill Industries, one of the most popular thrift store chains, generates about $2.69 billion in retail sales every year from its over 2,500 stores!

You can probably guess that thrift shopping has become more popular as the economy has gotten tougher. And the great part is that with some smart shopping strategies, people are saving money on clothing, home essentials, and more – all without looking like they shopped secondhand at all!

Sure, thrift shopping can take more time than picking up the latest styles at your local Target, but the time could be well worth your while, since you can get thrift store finds for next to nothing! But before you go, read these six tips for getting trendy and affordable clothing from your local thrift store:

1. Know what you need

One of the biggest mistakes many people make with thrift store shopping is buying things that seem like a good deal – just because they’re a good deal! But constantly buying stuff you don’t need, even if it’s only a couple bucks here or there, will only clutter up your closet and result in your spending money you shouldn’t have spent. Before you go thrift shopping, have a list in mind of things that you or your family needs (black pants for work, jeans, winter jackets, etc.) If you already have three swimsuits for the summer but happen to see a cute one at a great price, you should probably let someone else have it!

2. Shop often

Unlike retail stores whose inventories change at set times of year, thrift store inventories change constantly. This means that you really have to stop by often to get the best items that you’re really looking for. Make a habit of stopping by your favorite one or two thrift stores a couple of times a month, and you’ll be more likely to pick up a big portion of your wardrobe at thrift store prices.

3. Look for high-quality items

Thrift stores are a completely mixed bag as far as brand names go, but it’s worth your time to stick with brand names that really work for you. There’s no sense in buying low-quality, ill-fitting brands just because they’re cheap if you’ll never wear them. Take the extra time to look for brands you truly love, and you’ll be able to craft a thrifted wardrobe that really works for you.

4. Check pieces carefully before you buy

Before you even go to try a piece of clothing on, check it carefully for stains, holes, rips, and even thin spots that might quickly become rips or holes. Some minor problems can be mended or covered over with embellishments and basic sewing skills, but unless you have the time or inclination for this, don’t buy those clothes. They’ll just sit at the bottom of your closet waiting to get “fixed” until you finally return them to the thrift store as a donation! There are plenty of perfectly good items in thrift stores, so there’s no need to buy something that’s in less than good condition.

5. Try it on first

It goes without saying that you should try on anything you’re considering buying from a thrift store – especially if it doesn’t have tags. You might be able to walk into your favorite retail store and know that jeans of a certain size and style will fit, but this may not be the case with a thrift store. Even if the clothes are a brand that you wear often, they might be old enough to fit differently. It’s just best to try things on before making a purchase, ensuring that you only take home clothes you’re really happy with!

6. Think long-term

When you’re thrift shopping for yourself, buy clothes that you may need in a few months but don’t need right now if you happen to come across them. For instance, go ahead and pick up a sundress for next summer even in December – if you find one you just can’t pass up! When shopping for your kids, it’s way easy to think over the long-term, since their sizes and fits are pretty predictable. Just keep kids’ clothing organized as you shop ahead so that you know what you’ve got in any given size!