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Simple Tips To Enjoy Thanksgiving On A Budget

November is here once again and yes, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While this holiday may be the happiest time on earth for some, it can also be the most expensive and stressful one for those who haven’t planned ahead.

If you want to enjoy a festive holiday without hurting your wallet, don’t worry. Here are budget-friendly tips to make your Thanksgiving celebration a memorable one:


Decorate from nature. Gather autumn leaves, pinecones, and other natural materials and put them together in a beautiful bowl or container. Add a few branches of evergreen as the base, glitter or fake snowflakes for flair, and voila! – you have a new centerpiece. Golden autumn leaves could also be used as door decorations.

Try DIY. You always have the option of creating your own decorations. Whether you decide to make placemats, paper turkeys, or table art, you can always find instructions on the net. However, if you think you don’t have the skill, patience and time to DIY, you can also look around for affordable Thanksgiving home decors.

Use existing decors. Recycle last year’s Thanksgiving decorations or use existing home decors for your table centerpiece. One friend took advantage of her candle collection and created the most enchanting centerpiece I have seen.


Go solo. When shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, leave the kids at home. Going to the grocery with kids would take up your time and might cost you more money for items they want that are not on your list. Shopping alone will help you stick to the budget.

Look out for coupons. From now on, check the Sunday paper or the internet for coupons that might save you money. You normally see these weeks before Thanksgiving. When you see something that you might need, clip it and make the purchases along with your weekly shopping. Look out for turkeys or hams on sale.

Buy enough. Don’t buy more than what you can eat or use – you might end up throwing excess food and other things. Estimate how many guests you will have and cook food enough for the number of heads coming. If you have a problem estimating how much turkey to buy, you can use turkey calculators available.


Go for Homemade. Cooking your own meals is always more economical than buying convenience food. The cost of a pie at the grocery store can already give you a couple of home-baked pies. Furthermore, your pies have a bigger chance of tasting better than store-bought pies.

Trim menu. Too much excitement may lead to cooking too much more than you can take. Don’t overload the table with food that might be thrown out. Stick to turkey (if you decide to have turkey) as the highlight of the meal. Instead of focusing on quantity, think quality.

Potluck. Many families consider a potluck style thanksgiving dinner a wonderful option. Aside from getting to split the cost of the meal with everyone, it will also save the host time and effort. All you have to do is to assign who brings what dish. This style also makes everyone feel they are contributing to the meal preparation, encouraging unity.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be expensive and stressful at all! With the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy thanksgiving on a budget! Happy holidays!

About the Guest Author: Melissa Page is a passionate writer based in San Diego, California. She currently works for Deco Breeze, a company that offers affordable yet extraordinary thanksgiving home decors. When she’s not writing, she’s bowling with her friends.